An Interview with The Fabulous Christiana Baffour-Awuah, Co-Founder of Rumy’s Breakfast

About me…

My name is Christiana Baffour Awuah. I am the third and last child of my parents. My parents are both Christians and business persons. I attended St. Monica’s Senior High School and then the University for Development Studies (UDS) to study Integrated Business Studies (Accounting option). Currently, I am a National Service Personnel and I run my business on the side. I love swimming although I can’t swim very well, and then watching television.

My childhood dream…

When I was young, I loved female doctors because I love to see them in their dresses and coats anytime I go to the hospital. It looked so nice to be a female doctor especially when attending to patients and I always wished to be a female doctor one day. Along the line, I happened to be in the business class so I had to tow the line of what I was studying; I couldn’t pursue my childhood dream.

Why we started…

What really made us start this business on campus was because there wasn’t anything like that on campus. Before I went to university, my mum gave me an oven with an electric hub and I took it along with me when I was going to school. I wasn’t using the oven in Level 100, I was only using the burner. When I got to level 200, I had a roommate who studied Home Economics in SHS and knew a little about baking. She suggested we use the oven to make pastries for ourselves and use the pastries for our breakfast and I agreed to this. For a semester we were baking for ourselves. We were using the pastries for breakfast and at times added it to drinks for lunch.

In Level 300, I had a different roommate called Juwairiah Korkor Narh. I discussed what I had learned from my previous roommate with her since I felt it could be a viable business. This is because during the period my previous roommate and I used to bake, friends and neighbours would come to our room just to get some to eat and they were enjoying the pastries. My friends encouraged me to make them in bulk for sale. I suggested it to my roommate and we decided to give it a try to see the patronage. The first day, we made sixteen pieces and it sold out, therefore we continued making and selling. Later on we were baking for programs especially during SRC week and other programs.

The main motive for us baking on campus was because there wasn’t anything like that on campus and the students needed something like that. At that time all what we had was bread which was usually available in the evening around 5:30pm to 6.00pm so we had to buy the bread in the evening for breakfast the next day. On the other hand, we were baking the pastries early in the morning; we made fresh pie so the students could get them fresh. That is how we started Rumy’s Breakfast on campus and along the line, we got more ideas, we were improvising and we were making it big.

How we started our business…

Rumy’s Breakfast started when I was in my third year in the University. I started with Juwairiah, thus the name Rumy’s because it was a roommates thing.. When we started, it was only pastries so we called it Rumy’s Pastries. We were baking in large quantities for the students and for programs when we had orders and contracts. Whilst we were in school, we were thinking of ways to make it bigger.

Once I told Juwairiah, that I believe if we really concentrate on it and we really devote ourselves to Rumy’s one day it could be our only job and we wouldn’t need to work for anyone. So we thought of it and really motivated ourselves right from there; we didn’t need anyone to motivate us. Although some people tried to talk us out of it we were ready to do anything to make it survive irrespective of our challenges, we are still willing to make Rumy’s survive.

What we do…

Rumy’s Breakfast serves already prepared breakfast in traffic. Our main motive is to serve people who are going to their workplaces very early and probably couldn’t have their breakfast at home. If they pass by any of our stands, they can get our pack to take to their office and enjoy. We serve everybody. For the breakfast we have already prepared oats, tom brown, wheat, oblayo, hausa koko, rice porridge and white porridge. Currently, we are operating in three stands, we have one at Ridge just beside Rattary Park, another at Nhiayeso at the GRIDCO junction and the last one on the path from Danyame to Adum all in Kumasi, Ghana. We serve you with your delightful food so enjoy our meals whenever you get them.

Do I feel shy selling in traffic?

Well, that is quite a challenge because it’s human nature to feel shy in such circumstances especially in the beginning, considering the fact that we graduated not too long ago from the university. All the same we have been able to manage the situation quite well. There were instances where I would say to my partner, ‘what if my lecturer or one of our mates just passed by and saw us selling in traffic, what would they say and how would that feel like?’, then we would laugh over it with a silly joke. It’s not an easy thing to do, again considering ‘snobbish customers’ who would greet you with a frown, anger or ‘that face’ (I don’t know what to call that lol). It kind of breaks you within but you quickly have to gather that courage and with a smile move on to yet another customer because we know what we want and why we’re doing what we’re doing.

That “purpose” keeps us going putting all shyness away because I believe there’s no word such as “shyness” in doing a job to achieve a dream.

Thank you

Contact Us

Telephone: +233209816875 or +233545422796

Source: The Fabulous Woman Network Facebook page

Interview conducted by Ama Duncan, Founder of The Fabulous Woman Network


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